Why choose to go to Haiti on your honeymoon?

Why choose to go to Haiti on your honeymoon?

Haiti is an island in the Caribbean Sea. Its capital city is Port-au-Prince. Its neighboring country is the Dominican Republic. Haiti is the dream destination of holiday makers due to its beautiful beaches and panoramic landscape. It is also a romantic destination for honeymoon-goers.

Why should you choose Haiti on your honeymoon?

  • Haiti is a paradisiac island:

Haiti is endowed with a panoramic landscape and waterfalls which give the island a paradisiac appearance. Bassin Bleu waterfall, in Jacmel, Haiti: The honeymoon goers can admire the beauty of the spot, with its lush green vegetation and then swim in the turquoise-blue water under the waterfall. Saut-Mathurine waterfalls: The waterfall is in the southwestern part of Haiti. This is an excellent place for paddling and swimming.

  • Haiti has wonderful hotels:

Haiti is home to many top-rated hotels where honeymoon goers can stay. The hotel rooms are luxurious, comfortable, with excellent restaurants. Here are some great hotels for newlyweds who spend their honeymoon in Haiti: Karibe Hotel, NH Haiti El Rancho, Satama Hotel, Moulin Sur Mer, Palm Inn, Hotel Cyvadier, and Kaliko Beach Club All-Inclusive Resort.

  • Haiti's beaches are beautiful:

Haiti's paradisiac beaches are located in the private Cape Labadee, in the northern part of Haiti. The honeymoon goers can relax on the white sandy beach of Cape Labadee, and then set out on a cruise adventure to Ile Rat or Rat Island. Other beaches are located in other parts of Haiti, like L'Ile Port Margot and Belly Beach, Kokoye Beach, and Gelee Beach.

  • Haiti has fascinating attractions:

Honeymoon goers can have a great time together exploring the wonders of Haiti. The couple can visit historical places. La Citadelle Laferriere is a fortress which is located on top of the mountain Bonnet à l'Eveque, in the northern coast of Haiti. Le Palais de Sans Souci was home to King Henri Christophe I who used to be a slave. In addition, the newlyweds pay also visit Fort Vallière which is a castle in Mole Saint Nicolas.

  • Haiti has great museums:

Honeymoon goers can discover great museums during their stay in Haiti. In fact, Port-au-Prince, Haiti is home to 9 museums, namely: Museum of National Pantheon, Museum of Ogler-Fombrun, The Bureau of Ethnology, Living Media Arts Shop, Musée de Guahaba, Galerie Nader, Jacmel Arts Center, El-Saieh Gallery, and Village Artistique de noailles.

  • A great time in Haiti:

Honeymoon goers will certainly have a great time together at Labadee theme park. Labadee is a private beach resort, located in northern Haiti. The most fascinating part of the visit consists of going on a cruise in the Sea.

Haiti, a fantastic honeymoon destination

The paradisiac island of Haiti is endowed with many wonderful attractions. The landscape is fascinating, and the hotels are comfortable.

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