Haiti: discover the culture, nature and beaches of this island

Haiti: discover the culture, nature and beaches of this island

Haiti is situated on the Island of Hispaniola. It is included in 225 destination countries of Opodo, an online travel agency. Haiti is the most populous country in the Caribbean Community. Haiti is considered as one of the poorest countries in the world, but it is rich in other ways. This is due to the culture, natural wonders, and many other attractions that make the country a good destination for vacation. Here are some interesting things to discover in Haiti during your visit:

Haitian culture

The mosaic of different customs and traditions build the beauty of the country. Culture takes a very important place for Haitians. They never forget and neglect their ancestral style of living. That is to say that this country always keeps and respects its culture value as before. The culture encompasses lifestyle, beliefs, traditions, arts and many others. Lifestyle:

  •  Using donkey, horse and tap-tap bus for travels
  •  Playing music while going to the streets
  • Eating corn, rice, cassava and fruits as main diet
  •  Boys play hoop rolling, soccer and marbles while girls use rocks and bones
  • Arts: Haitians show their arts culture by paintings, sculptures, literature, music, etc. The most popular music from Haiti are mini-jazz, Meringue, Twoubadou ballads, Rasin, and Compas.
  • Traditions: Haiti has a variety of culture heritage. The carnival, festival and many other celebrations. Among them are the Voodoo Ceremonies, Defile Kanaval, Orlean's Mardi gras Celebration and Rara Festival.

Haiti nature

More than half of Haiti land is covered with nature. The country has a very surprising environment. The natural landscape of Haiti includes national parks, mountains, waterfalls, large hills bathed by the sea, and many other attractive places. Apart from that, it also owns some wonderful small islands surrounding the country like Île-à-Vache.

  •  National parks: Among the best National Parks of Haiti are La Visite National Park, Deux Mamelles National Park, Grande Colline National Park, Pic Macaya National Park, Grand Bois National Park.
  •  Mountains: Haiti has large mountain lands which are good for hiking and climbing like Pic la Celle, Macaya, Bois Pin, Cabaio.
  •  Waterfalls: If you are looking for a good view of waterfalls, go to Bassin Bleu, Saut-Mathurine and Cascade Touyac

Haiti beaches

As an island, some of the best seaside spots of the world are located in Haiti. The island is filled in stunning seashores with clear and blue water and white sand. In other words, Haiti is a top place to find the best beaches in the world. All this makes the country the best beach destination for holidays. To discover the beautiful beaches of Haiti, you should not miss to visit Wahoo Bay Beach, Jacmel Beach, Grann Do Beach, and Labadee.

Traveling to Haiti and Booking a hotel

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